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Your hair has a huge impact on the way you look overall since your hair frames most of your face. This means that from your hair color and length to the way you style it, everything plays a role in your overall look. One thing most people overlook is hair treatments. Hair treatments can improve your hair’s health and make it look great with minimal effort on a day-to-day basis. They’re also a great way to pamper yourself! Here are the hair treatments we’d highly recommend for all hair types.

A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Many things affect our hair’s health over time, including color treatments, heat, sun and cholerine exposure, and so on. Combining these factors can leave your hair looking like a damaged mess that seems impossible to style. This is where a deep conditioning treatment can come in handy. Deep conditioning aims to restore your hair’s health by bringing back the life and shine of your hair. There are several types of such treatments available, including protein treatments. Most of these involve the application of a restorative and thick hair mask. Hair experts usually use moist heat to boost the penetration of the treatment substance into your hair for better results. After you get a deep conditioning treatment, we suggest getting a haircut to get rid of all the split ends. Your hair will look much healthier instantly!

A Glazing and Toning Treatment

If you have color-treated hair but are lately not in love with the brassy notes and faded tones, we suggest getting glazing or toning treatments. Toning, glazing, and glossing are more or less the same types of procedures and are meant to enhance the color treatment that’s already in your hair. In professional terms, we often refer to it as demi-permanent color, and our main focus with this treatment is to eliminate any undertones that are not wanted, especially the brassiness that typically comes with blonde and ash-blonde highlights. An added benefit of the glazing and toning is the new shine it restores to your hair, making it look healthier than ever.

A Brazilian Blowout

If you’re excited to try something new for your hair, especially a treatment that’ll last for a while, then you can’t go wrong with a Brazilian blowout. A Brazilian blowout is basically a kind of keratin treatment that, as the name suggests, has originated in Brazil. It’s designed as a semi-permanent treatment that smooths your hair by locking in a keratin solution. So, if you want to wake up with gorgeous just-out-of-bed hair every morning, a Brazilian blowout can help you achieve that. It’ll leave your hair smooth, thicker, and frizz-free! Not sure where to get all of these amazing treatments? Head over to Del Beauty Box! We’re one of the best affordable hair salons in San Diego, and we offer hair services for men and women! Get in touch to speak with one of our experienced hair stylists to discuss your hair treatment options!