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3 Holiday Glamour Hairstyles from Del Beauty Box

Here we write 3 Holiday Glamour Hairstyles from Del Beauty Box. Now that the summer season has arrived, it is the ideal time to shimmer and shine with spectacular hairstyles that will command attention wherever you go. Del Beauty Box has got you covered with three breathtaking holiday glam hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going out for a festive night, visiting a family get-together, or attending a fancy party.

Not only will these 3 Holiday Glamour Hairstyles from Del Beauty Box go well with the festive outfit you choose, but they will also assist you in making a daring and self-assured statement. These beautiful hairdos will take your appearance to the next level and put the emphasis squarely on you, so get ready!

Enhance Your Festive Appearance with These 3 Holiday Glamour Hairstyles from Del Beauty Box!

Here are 3 Holiday Glamour Hairstyles from Del Beauty Box.

The Ideal Choice for an Elegant and Romantic Appearance

The twisted updo is an excellent option to go with if you are going for an elegant and romantic appearance. This hairdo oozes grace and sophistication, making it ideal for elegant holiday gatherings or even a romantic date night because of its versatility.

This enduring fashion can be yours if you follow these steps:

Step 1:

In the first step, begin by creating a side part in your hair and lightly tease the head region so that there is more volume.

Step 2:

Beginning on both sides of your head, take little strands of hair and twist them behind your head, fastening them with bobby pins as you go.

Step 3:

Continue twisting and pinning strands of hair until you have reached the nape of your neck.
In the fourth step, you will gather the remaining hair into a chignon or a low bun, and then fix it with hairpins.

Step 5:

To complete the look, spritz some hairspray into the styled hair to ensure that it will remain in place for the entirety of the evening.

The Glamorous Hollywood Waves:

If you want to channel your inner Hollywood starlet, give your hair some glitzy waves that scream old-school sophistication. This time-honored haircut gives every ensemble a dash of old-fashioned allure, making it an excellent option for the Christmas gatherings you’ll be attending. This classic appearance may be yours by following these steps:

Step 1:

The first step in protecting your hair from the potential harm caused by hot styling equipment is to spray it with a heat protectant.

Step 2:

Section off your hair, and using a wand or curling iron, create bouncy, loose curls all over your head.

Step 3:

After you’ve curled your hair a few times, fix the ends with a clip or a pin so they can cool and set.

Step 4:

Once all of the curls have cooled down, remove the clips and gently brush through the waves with a paddle brush to produce a flowing and elegant look. This will soften the curls and make them look more natural.

Step 5:

To complete the look, give your hair a spritz of shine spray or hairspray for additional grip and shine.

The Festive Braided Crown:

A braided crown is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a haircut that is both whimsical and festive. This updo, which takes its cue from the bohemian aesthetic, is not only chic but also easy to do, making it the ideal choice for festive brunches or laid-back get-togethers.

If you want to achieve this lovely look, follow these steps:

Step 1:

First, make a part down the middle of your head, and then separate each side of your hair into half.

Step 2:

Beginning on one side, braid your hair into a standard three-strand braid, working your way towards the back of your head and integrating portions of hair from the front as you go.

Step 3:

Use a thin elastic band made of clear material to fasten the end of the braid.

Step 4:

Repeat the previous steps on the opposite side of the object.

Create a braided crown by following Step 5’s instructions, which involve crossing the braids over the top of the head and attaching them with bobby pins.

Step 6:

Give the braids a light pull to loosen them up and create an appearance that is fuller and more textured.

Step 7:

To complete the look, give the style a few spritzes of hairspray to keep it in place.

You’ll be ready to rock any festive occasion when you have Del Beauty Box’s three amazing holiday glam hairstyles to choose from. Whether you choose to wear your hair in a sophisticated updo, gorgeous waves, or a whimsical braided crown, any of these hairstyles will provide an additional air of mystique to your overall appearance. Therefore, feel free to let your imagination go wild with Del Beauty Box. Book an Appointment Now.

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