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Eyebrow Threading and It’s Advantages

Embracing the Time Honored Tradition of Hair Removal


In the realm of hair removal, many women squirm at the idea of the rumored pain that is caused by eyebrow threading. However, the rumors could not be further from the truth. Eyebrow threading uses less time then tweezing, due to the fact that tweezing focuses on individual hairs while threading removes short lines of hair at once. The pain felt from each tiny hair while tweezing is quite high in comparison to what is felt during an average threading session.


Eyebrow threading is an age old tradition that originates in India and Central Asia. The practice continued with those of Middle Eastern decent, mainly Iranians, Persians, and Egyptians. Due to its many benefits the hair removal trend made its way West, and continues to be a popular option when shaping or cleaning eyebrow hair.


The technique involves the rapid movement and twisting of a thread over the eyebrows, eliminating areas of unwanted hair. The movement of the thread allows the hair to be removed at a follicle level, allowing it to last longer. Threading also provides more precision than waxing, which can remove more hair than intended and leave eyebrows looking unnaturally thin. Threading also avoids the use of an hot waxes or chemicals being applied to the skin, which reduces overall redness when the procedure is finished.


Once you have found a professional threader, with a strong technique, threading can be a virtually painless process that results in perfectly shaped brows with little to no hassle.