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Once your wedding date is set, the first few thoughts on your mind are all linked to the big tasks. The wedding dress, wedding hair & makeup venue, guest list, deciding on the maid of honor, and finalizing the rest of the bridal party—there’s a lot to do, and your bridal hair and makeup take a backseat. Things eventually start falling into place, and that’s when it strikes you: your wedding day is the one day when all lights and cameras are on you! So, this is when your start looking for bridal hair and makeup packages and wedding hair and makeup tips! First, take a deep breath because we’ve got you; here’s what you need to know.

DO: Collect Inspiration Photos for Your Hair and Makeup Artists

Almost every bride has always dreamt of looking a certain way on their wedding day. However, your makeup and hair artists only know as much as you tell them; they’re not mind-readers. To make sure they understand the kind of look you’re going for, explore online or look through the salon’s gallery to find hairstyles and makeup styles that are close to what you want. We suggest creating a digital mood board. This will help your stylists and makeup artists curate the perfect look you have in mind.

DON’T: Overlook the Important of a Hair and Makeup Trial

You can’t skip a hair and makeup trial; it’s essential. Not only will it help your stylists understand your face structure and hair texture and what works for it and what doesn’t, but it also gives you a chance to try the looks you have in mind to confirm whether they’re for you or not. Also, wear white for the trial, and schedule it well in advance. This will leave time for another trial in case the first one isn’t conclusive.

DO: Get Pamper Your Skin and Hair Before the Big Day

If you’re not already on top of skin and hair care, now’s the time to start. The better your skin and hair health is, the easier it’ll be to get the look you’re trying to achieve with minimal effort and product. We suggest looking into hair treatments like protein treatments that help make your hair healthier. If you’re also hoping to try out a new hair color, or highlights for the wedding, discuss them with your hair stylist early on! This is important to keep in mind throughout the process. Whether it’s your initial discussion with the stylists, your makeup and hair trial, or the actual wedding day, do not hold back from voicing your concerns. While it’s important to trust your makeup and hair artists, know that speaking up is okay if you don’t like something. For instance, does the lip color feel too bright? Let them know you don’t feel that it’s quite you.

DO: Choose Professional Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

While you can always speak up and make sure everything is in line with your vision for your big day, it’s important to be able to trust your hair and makeup experts. For this, you need to choose experienced professional experts like the ones we have on our team at Del Beauty Box. We have some of the top hair stylists in San Diego working with us, and we’re happy and excited to help you with your wedding day hair and makeup. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule a consultation!.